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Live Surgery: Rectal Cancer, Transanal TME – Cecil Approach

Continuos evaluation of several issues related to oncological resection for rectal cancer, combined with the evolution of technology have led to the Cecil Approach. The Cecil Approach involves simultaneous work by a transabdominal and by a transanal team to deliver the best results for rectal cancer patients.
  • Antonio M. LacySalvadora Delgado & María F. Hevia performed this innovative technique
  • Meanwhile, Joep Knol and Patricia Sylla discussed the operation from the operating theatre itself
  • Richard J. HealdSteven D. Wexner discussed several technical aspects and controversies, and gave tips and tricks from the Optimus room
  • Once the speciment was extracted, it was delivered to Philip QuirkeMariana Berho & Míriam Cuatrecasas who performed an onsite pathological audit of the resection
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