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TaTME Congress Live Streaming The next step in rectal cancer surgery
08:45 am - 05:15 pm GMT +2

Monday, June 26, 2017

Kröller-Müller Museum, The Netherlands

Featured faculty

  • Joep Knol
  • Richard J. Heald CBE
  • Brendan Moran
  • Roel Hompes
  • Colin Sietses
  • Gina Brown
  • Sami Chadi
  • Antonio M. Lacy
  • Willem Bemelman
  • Jurriaan Tuynman
  • Andrea Muratore
  • Beatriz Martín Pérez
  • Anthony Miles
  • H. Jaap Bonjer
  • Thomas Van Guilk
  • Marta Penna
  • Felix Aigner
  • Walter Brunner
  • Thilo Wedel
and many more

Advances in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

In this meeting the main goal is to gather leading surgeons and physicians in the field to discuss hot topics in the management of IBD.

Surgical indications and new approaches for patients with IBD, tips & tricks of the procedures, management of the complications and latest controversies will be some of the topics discussed by a renown Faculty Panel composed by Antonio M Lacy, Julià Panés, Jordi Rimola, Feza Remzi and Christiane Buskens.


A panel of internationally renowned endocrinologists and surgeons

AIS Channel, in association with the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona,

will bring together world leading professionals in endocrinology and metabolic surgery to analyze the effectiveness of bariatric surgery to treat the Type 2 Diabetes and the durability of its benefits.


  • Antonio M. Lacy – Director, Gastrointestinal Surgery Department, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, Spain
  • Julián Panés – Gastroenterology Dpt., Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Spain
  • Christiane Buskens – Surgery Dpt., Academic Medical Center, University Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Feza Remzi – Colorectal Surgery Dpt., Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, US


Streaming live, a 50-minute gastrectomy

During the 6th AIS Channel Congress “Advances in the Management of IBD”, a live streaming proctectomy and J-pouch by will be performed by two teams (Cecil Approach). Dra. S Delgado &  Dra. R Bravo will be operating at the laparoscopy abdominal field and Dr. Antonio M Lacy & Dra. M Fernández-Hevia by transanal approach.


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