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aischannel societies

Non-profit civil association founded in 1987 by and for residents: the only official association of Argentina residents.


- To ensure the continuity of the scientific activity of the residents in the various surgical specialties.

- To improve the level of education and training of residents in surgical specialties.

- To promote closer ties of friendship and cooperation among residents at the provincial, national and international levels.

- To promote the establishment of regional and international associations of surgical residents.

- To promote and support any entity that ensures compliance with ethical standards of professional practice.

- To create and accept awards and scholarships aimed at promoting work and research of surgical interest and the training of surgical residents.

- To promote the publication of a periodical journal and publish it following the publications committee criteria.

- To seek continuity over time.

Dr. Vanzini Damián President Dr. Mon Fara Patricio Vice President Dr. Cenci Rafael Associate Vice President Dr. Cassani Federico Treasurer Dr. López Agustina Sub Treasurer

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