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The Pan African Thoracic Society is a major professional organization representing Lung Health in Africa. Respiratory non-communicable diseases including asthma and COPD are key challenges for health in Africa and a major cause of morbidity and mortality in African population. Africa carries a disproportionally high burden of respiratory morbidity and mortality relative to the population size. Infectious diseases such as Pneumonia, Tuberculosis and HIV associated respiratory illnesses are amongst the commonest acute respiratory illnesses in African population.

Advancing lung health in Africa, a global imperative must be the mandate of the Pan African Thoracic Society. It is therefore essential that PATS maintain a strong voice to represent African lung health issues and further develop educational, research and advocacy initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Society was formed in 2003 to create a forum to address the concern that optimal management and control of respiratory diseases is not being achieved in many African settings. Furthermore PATS was concerned at the late or misdiagnosis of respiratory diseases in Africa. Formed initially as a virtual organization, PATS currently has a membership composed of professionals from 40 African countries both Anglophone and Francophone.

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