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A Call to Global Discussion on Surgical Techniques was held last week at AIS Channel
Posted in News on 11 October 2016
AIS Channel

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With the participation of a diverse faculty, AIS Channel broadcast its first live congress focusing on endocrine surgery. It was a dynamic meeting, with constant discussion of endocrine surgical techniques

Antonio Sitges-Serra introduced the event and presented all the faculty involved. They were enthusiastic about this meeting and their participation in AIS Channel. Then the first live surgery began. Oscar Vidal and Juan José Espert, accompanied by Manuel Duran, performed a left adrenalectomy by retroperitoneal approach.

Several topics were discussed and analyzed, ranging from patient and trocar placement to the dissection of the specimen and the main landmarks of the procedure. Simultaneously a great panel comprising Antonio Sitges-Serra, Juan Sancho, Marcin Barczynski and Kerstin Lorenz constantly discussed the procedure and interacted with the operating theater.

Then a thyroidectomy was the focus of attention. Antonio Sitges-Serra and Juan Sancho were in charge of the procedure, and together they showed all the main steps, landmarks and safety maneuvers to provide the best results for patients.

There were a lot of questions coming from AIS Channel viewers and the panel members were delighted to answer and interact with them. This live congress was a great success as almost 100 countries connected to watch it live.

Don’t miss our next congress: an International Symposium on the Future of Rectal Cancer Surgery which will be held on December 9th.