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A new 3D visualization system has been used at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona
Posted in News on 7 February 2017
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The quality of the image provided by the visualization system plays a key role in laparoscopic surgery, as it becomes the surgeon’s eyes inside the patient. 3D technology has been a great advance for minimally invasive procedures as it provides surgeons with the perfect depth, making their manoeuvers easier, specially in difficult surgical fields.

Last week the latest 3D imaging system developed by Olympus was tested by Antonio Lacy and his surgical team at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona. This is a 3D rigid optic which has been developed in a 30º and a 0º version. They were used in the trans anal field for a case of Hartmann’s reversal by Cecil approach.

Preliminary impressions were favorable as image quality was good and the optic was easy to use. Oliver Burghardt is the Manager of the Surgical Imaging & Urology Department at OLYMPUS EUROPA HOLDING SE, who was in the OR during the test. Here is his feedback.