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AIS and the International Colorectal Surgery Forum 2016 in Taichung (Taiwan)
Posted in News on 10 November 2016
AIS Channel

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The Cecil approach (transabdominal-transanal surgery) is becoming the technique of choice for rectal cancer for many surgeons. The transanal approach has been proven to be an excellent technique for dealing with a narrow male pelvis or bulky tumours.

This emerging surgical technique is a hot topic in the surgical community. On 29th – 30th October AIS Channel, with Dr. Antonio Lacy of the Hospital Clinic at Barcelona, took part in the International Colorectal Surgery Forum 2016 hosted by Dr. William Tzu-Liang Chen in the China Medical University Hospital in Taichung (Taiwan).

Several topics, from treatment of leaks to diverticular disease, were discussed and examined by a panel of international experts comprising Dr. Abe Fingerhut, Dr. Mariana Berho and Dr. Steven Wexner.

During the meeting, a transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME) low anterior resection was performed by Dr. Antonio Lacy and Dr. Tao-Wei Ke and moderated by Dr. Steven Wexner. This recording was broadcast on 2nd November to the entire AIS Community.

Constant discussion, sharing experiences, and proctoring by experts are crucial for constant evolution of innovative techniques such as the Cecil approach.