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AIS Channel 2016 Live Surgeries
Posted in News on 5 January 2017
AIS Channel

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This year has been an exciting one for AIS Channel as we broadcast more than 25 live events over the past 12 months, beating our own record from previous years. Surgeries were performed in hospitals all over the world, from Chile to Taiwan, and streamed live through our website to make them available everywhere.

Many colorectal procedures were streamed live, highlighting the transanal approach by a combined approach, what is known as the Cecil approach. A total mesorectal excision, proctocolectomy, and Hartmann reversal were performed by Dr Lacy’s team in Barcelona, proving the benefits of this innovative approach. Indocyanine green, which has been a hot topic of discussion in all surgical forums, was used in all our colorectal and transanal cases, both for the laparoscopic techniques and for the robotic cases, carried out by Dr Bravo.

Excellent bariatric techniques were performed by different international surgeons. Dr. Vaz presented a robotic banded bypass and Dr. Ribeiro demonstrated a sleeved gastric bypass. In the bariatric procedures, revisional techniques were extensively addressed, from both the surgical and the endoscopic approaches. Conversion of a sleeve gastrectomy into a gastric bypass by Dr. Lacy and Dr. Boza, surgical management after failed laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass by Dr. Corcelles and endoscopic revision of a Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass stoma dilation by Dr. Kroh, Dr. Sendino and Dr. Esparrach are examples of the management of surgical complications or weight regain.

Besides our main lines in Bariatric and Colorectal surgery, we started our Endocrine section with two live surgeries performed by Dr. Vidal and Dr. Sitges, a retroperitoneal adrenalectomy and a total thyroidectomy respectively, which were enthusiastically received by our surgical community.

Other procedures, such as a parastomal hernia repair by Dr. Espert, an abdominal wall reconstruction by Dr. Sugget, and treatment of anal fistulas by Dr. Espin were also among our 2016 events, expanding the scope of AIS Channel.

We strongly believe that proctoring and training residents and young surgeons must be a priority. In 2016, two live surgeries were dedicated to the training of surgical residents, more specifically, in laparoscopic right colectomy.

And as a spectacular finale to the season, 4 live rectal cancer surgeries were broadcast simultaneously from London. The open, laparoscopic, robotic and transanal approaches were brought to the spotlight and discussed by renowned experts, such as Dr. Wexner, Dr. Heald, Dr. Nicholls, or Dr. Lacy, followed live by more than 25,000 viewers from 102 countries.

Once again, AIS Channel exceeded its own expectations, contributing to the universal reach of surgical teaching around the globe. Thank you for viewing us, and get ready for 2017!