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AIS Channel encourages surgical training at all levels
Posted in News on 20 September 2016
AIS Channel

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In AIS Channel we are aware of this phenomenon. Surgical training drives our work and is constantly available on our website. So far we have performed live surgeries focusing on this important task.

Last year we broadcast a live training for surgical residents. Two residents assisted by a junior surgeon were scrubbed during a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, performing all the main steps of the procedure.  Then colorectal training in MIS was broadcast. Teaching laparoscopic colonic resection requires a standardized methodology, so we did this during a laparoscopic sigmoidectomy.

This year we have moved into the training of young surgeons. Two minimal invasive procedures have been mentored by experts. Several tips and tricks were taught during a dissection for colorectal cancer in the right sided colon, including an intracorporeal anastomosis. Most recently, we broadcast a laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in a morbid obese patient with a BMI of 40 Kg/m2.

For more experienced surgeons, our website has provided since its beginning advanced colorectal and bariatric procedures performed live by leading surgical experts. We think that this too is an important feature and there will be more of it.

All these live surgeries have been recorded and are being made gradually available in our live surgery section. We encourage you to regularly visit it to keep updated.