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AIS Live Surgeries broadcast from the Spanish Surgery National Congress
Posted in News on 17 November 2016
AIS Channel

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AIS Channel continues to be committed to the universalization of surgical knowledge.  During the recent Congress of the Spanish Surgical Association held in Madrid (Spain) from November 7th to the 10th, AIS Channel broadcast the live surgeries for the Obesity Course. Two live surgeries were broadcast from the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona as part of the course, focusing on the revisional procedures after failed bariatric surgery. The first case, operated on by Dr Lacy, was a sleeve gastrectomy converted into a bypass due to weight regain and acid reflux, demonstrating the modification of a sleeve into a bypass through a minimally invasive approach. The second surgery, by Dr Corcelles, also indicated due to weight regain, showed a reshaping of the alimentary limb of a gastric bypass, turning it into a more malabsorptive configuration.

During the broadcast, course participants were able to ask questions to the surgeons performing the live surgeries through the chat available online on AIS Channel. The event was also followed by thousands of international surgeons who did not attend the congress but were however able to watch the surgery and participate in the discussion.

Once again, AIS Channel has been an outstanding example of engagement with surgical education by bringing cutting-edge surgical procedures to every surgeon around the world.