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Constant innovation and cutting-edge technologies as a way of life for AIS Channel
Posted in News on 12 July 2016
AIS Channel

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Surgical robots allow surgeons to perform surgical procedures through small incisions to place ports that provide full access to the surgical field. The surgeon is able to work comfortably in a console with a 3D visualization system that provides depth perception and an enhanced evaluation of the anatomy

Ergonomic considerations are taken into account and surgeons’ movements are enhanced and transmitted by the surgical platform to the surgical field in a precise and stable manner.We have verified that simultaneous access is also feasible, more specifically in rectal cancer patients where the robot was used in the abdominal field with a simultaneous surgical team working transanally.

Another significant innovation is indocyanine green fluorescence, when the ICG is administered as an intravenous bolus and remains strictly intravascular, objectively displaying well vascularized tissues.  All surgeons are aware of the importance of using well vascularized tissues in an anastomosis.

This safety maneuver can also be used in bariatric procedures. Here you can see a sleeve gastrectomy being tested, particularly in such a high-risk zone as the Angle of His.

There is no doubt that technological improvements provide benefits for patients.