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Endo-Sponge: Tips and Tricks
Posted in Lectures on 4 April 2019


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Matteo Frasson, MD.
Colorectal Surgeon
Hospital La Fe, Valencia (Spain)

Dr. Frasson gives a demonstration of how to use the Endo-Sponge kit, unboxing all the items and showing its indications, tips and tricks.

In low colorectal anastomoses, an anuscope is usually enough to place the device. For higher anastomoses an endoscopic tube is needed.

The abscessual cavity must be cleaned before placing the endo-sponge. Lubricant is needed, as well as a push-up tube, to insert the sponge in the abscessual cavity. A Y-shape connexion is used to establish the vacuum in the cavity through the drain tube. Two sponges can be connected to the vacuum if needed.

The sponge can also be removed under endoscopic vision by using a saline solution to separate it from the tissues.

Endo-sponge therapy should be maintained until the abscessual cavity is healed.