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Evolution of the TaTME technique: the Barcelona experience
Posted in Lectures on 9 August 2016
Antonio M Lacy (Director of gastrointestinal surgery department)
Hospital Clínic, Barcelona Spain

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New surgical approaches are developed in several stages. The first one is the experimental phase to assess feasibility and safety, then its application in a daily clinical practice and achieving a proper learning curve.

In Barcelona (Spain), Antonio M Lacy and his team have been involved in the development of the transanal approach for rectal diseases. He first tested it with Patricia Sylla on cadavers and in the first case in a real patient. Since then, the approach has been developed and applied to other pathologies such as ulcerative colitis, colonic polyposis affecting the rectum, Hartmann’s reversal and complex cases with previous colorectal surgeries suffering from chronic sinus, stenotic anastomosis or local relapse of cancer or polyps.

This lecture focuses on the Barcelona experience with the transanal approach.