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First Endocrine Congress: AIS offers a new speciality!
Posted in News on 13 September 2016
AIS Channel

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Only logged in users can watch the full video

One of the main goals of AIS Channel is to facilitate the dissemination of surgical knowledge providing a place for interaction and exchange of ideas.

In order to accomplish this we constantly seek the best content provided by the greatest experts to make it globally available in several formats such as:

  • Surgical videos with all that you need to know about the procedure
  • Live surgeries that show basic and innovative procedures step by step
  • Live congresses where leading experts discuss the hottest topics by leading experts

So far we have focused on the bariatric and colorectal fields and now it’s time to move forward and start working in a new surgical speciality.

Endocrine surgery will be soon part of AIS Channel: we are working on our first Live congress to cover endocrine surgical pathology. The program, which will be released soon, will be amazing.

You can also expect new videos focusing on minimally invasive approaches to endocrine pathologies, debates and lectures to cover the newest and hottest controversies, and much more.
We encourage you to visit our website regularly for updates.