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Laparoscopic approach to acute appendicitis in the postpartum
Posted in Videos on 17 September 2015
César Ginestá (Emergency surgery consultant)
Hospital Clínic, Barcelona – Spain

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Acute appendicitis in puerperium is often diagnosed too late, as clinical signs can be unreliable. Abdominal wall rigidity is rarely noticed in puerperium because of weak abdominal wall muscles, laboratory parameters are not sufficiently reliable, and typical appendix presentation poses difficulties in diagnosis.

Being aware of the clinical signs and symptoms of appendicitis, possible complications and early detection, provides a chance for a good surgical outcome. Taking the axillar and rectal temperature can lead to confusion, and delay surgical treatment. Leucocytosis in puerperium is not valid for diagnosis.

With respect to results of published studies, laparoscopic approach to management of acute abdomen during pregnancy and puerperium should be regarded as safe and effective.