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Master class: International colorectal experts talk about how to perform an anastomosis after TaTME
Posted in Lectures on 6 October 2016
Antonio M Lacy (Director of the gastrointestinal surgery department)1
Sam Atallah (Chair – Department Colon & Rectal surgery)2
Shady Ashamalla (Assistant professor of surgery, MIS, colorectal surgical oncology)3
Elena Vikis (Clinical instructor)4
1Hospital Clínic, Barcelona – Spain
2Florida Hospital Orlando, Florida – USA
3Sunnybrook Health Science Center, Toronto – Canada
4University of British Columbia, Vancouver – Canada

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The transanal approach is a revolution in treatment of rectal pathologies. The technique itself is a modification of the conventional procedure where the dissection is performed bottom- up.

Upward dissection has several advantages, including objective control of the distal margin of resection and a great identification of the holy plane, even in male patients with a narrow pelvis. But this dissection also changes the characteristics of the rectal stump and the way in which it must be prepared for colorectal anastomosis.

This video brings together the experience of Antonio M Lacy, Sam Atallah and Shady Ashamalla performing a colorectal anastomosis after a transanal total mesorectal excision. Elena Vikis will also talk about studying the functional outcomes.