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New surgical techniques in rectal cancer: TAMIS & TaTME
Posted in Lectures on 14 June 2016
Maria Fernández-Hevia (Gastrointestinal surgery specialist)
Hospital Cínic of Barcelona, Spain

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There is no doubt that the total mesorectal excision (TME) is the best surgical treatment for rectal cancer. However it may be a challenging procedure with complications between 30 – 68%.

That is why among other reasons radical surgery should be performed in patients with a favorable balance between risk and benefits. There is a group of patients with early rectal cancer (cT1 sm2/sm2 cN0) that may be treated with local resection, achieving curative surgical treatment with less complications.

In this lecture María Fernandez-Hévia from the gastrointestinal surgery department at Hospital Clinic of Barcelona will explain the modern surgical treatment  tailored to patients and tumor characteristics.