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Shaping the future of Surgery: AIS Channel is committed to teaching Medical Students
Posted in News on 2 March 2017
AIS Channel

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The new generations of medical students will shape the future of Medicine and Surgery. Giving them access to the best education is not only crucial to provide the best care for our patients but also our responsibility. AIS Channel, as always committed to the democratization of surgical knowledge, took part in a series of hands-on basic laparoscopic skill workshops in which medical students enrolled in the 5th Open Days for Students at the Hospital Clinic (5-JEC) were able to learn the basics of laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopy represents one of the greatest advances in surgery in recent decades. However it requires surgeons to develop new motor and cognitive skills. The loss of depth vision, mirroring movements and long instruments were just a few of the challenges faced by the students taking part in these workshops.

AIS Channel is aware of the importance of surgical training at all levels, from medical students to surgical experts. Surgical training drives our work and is available on a permanent basis on our website.