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TaTME implementation. Training, proctoring, monitoring & COLOR-III
Posted in Lectures on 27 September 2016
Jurriaan Tuynman, MD, PhD, colorectal surgeon
VU medical center, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

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According to published data the TaTME approach has potential, as it yields great results in terms of the quality of surgical specimens, good morbidity rate, and improvement of functional outcomes (fewer definitive ostomies and more anastomosis in the lower rectum).

However, most of these results are the consequence of expert work. A proper training, proctoring and monitoring system must be established to make these results reproducible and avoid what happened with the laparoscopic approach, acceptance of  which was delayed in most centers due to some results achieved by untrained surgical communities.

In this lecture, Jurrian Tuynman from VU medical center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, explains the recommended strategy to deliver controlled and safe training in TaTME.