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The Gastrointestinal Surgery Department at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona broadcast three live and simultaneous metabolic surgical procedures
Posted in News on 5 July 2016
AIS Channel

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The ideal surgical procedure adapted to the patient’s characteristics is a current topic of discussion and is a growing field of research. On June 21 the gastrointestinal surgery department at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona brought together such international experts as Camilo Boza from Chile, Luigi Angrisani from Italy and Antonio M Lacy from Spain.

Each of them performed a surgical procedure, providing tips and tricks, and the procedures were broadcast live in the 18th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Surgery of Morbid Obesity and its Metabolic Diseases and on AIS Channel. More specifically, the conversion of a sleeve gastrectomy into a roux en y gastric bypass, a sleeve gastrectomy and a roux en y gastric bypass were broadcast.

It was an amazing experience as the main tips and tricks, indications and surgical innovations were discussed. This event was recorded and will soon be available in our Live surgery section. Please check our website for updates.