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Transanal TME: Potential complications and how to avoid them
Posted in Lectures on 21 July 2016
Sam Atallah MD, FACS, FASCRS
Chair – Department Colon & Rectal surgery
Florida Hospital Orlando, Florida – USA

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When starting to apply new surgical approaches, these should be performed in a progressive and standardized manner to ensure patient safety. The transanal approach for rectal diseases is a rapidly accepted surgical procedure among colorectal surgeons, but several doubts can arise with the first cases.  

In this lecture, Sam Atallah, the chair of the Colon & Rectal surgery department at the Florida Hospital in Orlando, FL – USA gives his best advice to avoid complications during the taTME.

This includes examining the pelvic anatomy and especially the rectal envelope in order to assess the feasibility and safety of the procedure. Also having a B plan (what to do if the taTME is not feasible) to do as much as you can from below and then complete the dissection from above.

Watch this lecture for some expert tips!