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Worldwide experts talk about AIS Channel
Posted in News on 29 December 2016
AIS Channel

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Despite its short history, AIS Channel has become the main global platform for surgical teaching. Currently focusing on colorectal, bariatric, and endocrine surgery, it will expand to new surgical specialities in 2017 with the goal of encompassing all surgical specialities.

In this video, we will see some members of the AIS Board give their views in this regard, emphasising the huge usefulness of this technological revolution which AIS Channel has brought about in the surgical world. No doubt, part of AIS’s success is based in having the best surgeons in the world as its teachers, enabling the global surgical community to access them.

This is a huge added value that joins the long list of services and opportunities offered by AIS, always in order to boost the professional development of the entire AIS community as much as possible.