10 YEARS TaTME Congress


November 14, 2019 - 2 pm (Barcelona time)

It has been 10 years since the first Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (TaTME) procedure was performed, thanks to the pioneers Dr Antonio M. Lacy and Dr Patricia Sylla, with the blessing of Dr Richard J. Heald. This new concept of down-to-up rectal cancer surgery revolutionized the surgical community and became one of the most discussed procedures to date. On November 14th, the most renowned doctors in the field of Surgery, Pathology and Radiology, will come together to celebrate this 10-year anniversary in a fully online Congress broadcast all over the world through our AIS Channel platform. From surgeries to lectures and debates, the speakers will address the main aspects, concepts and controversies of TaTME. Join us in this historical event on November 14th at 2 pm (Barcelona Time) at AIS Channel!

Event Faculty

· Raúl Almenara
· Sam Atallah
· Mariana Berho
· Jaap Bonjer
· Raquel Bravo
· Gina Brown
· Manish Chand
· Alfred Cuschieri
· André D'Hoore
· Jordi Farguell
· Carolina González
· Richard J. Heald
· Roel Hompes
· Masaaki Ito
· Joep Knol
· Antonio Lacy
· Borja De Lacy
· Rod Menchaca
· John Monson
· Sara Nogueira
· Ana Otero
· Romina Pena
· Marta Penna
· Alessio Pigazzi
· Dana Sands
· Colin Sietses
· Andrew Stevenson
· Patricia Sylla
· Pieter Tanis
· Jurriaan Tuynman
· Silvia Valverde
· Stefan Van Oostendorp
· Steven Wexner
· Mark Whiteford
· Hongwei Yao


1. Welcome. Dr. Antonio M. Lacy

2. Surgical approaches in rectal cancer – From Miles to Heald. Dr. André D’Hoore and Dr. Richard J. Heald

3. Surgical approaches in rectal cancer – From TME to TaTME. Dr. Steven Wexner

4. The history of TaTME – a retrospective. Dr. Alfred Cuschieri, Dr. Sam Atallah, Dr. Mark Whiteford, Dr. Patricia Sylla and Dr. Borja de Lacy

5. From theory to practice. Training of TaTME. Dr. Joep Knol

6. Starting the TaTME program – How we did it! Dr. Andrew Stevenson, Dr. Colin Sietses, Dr. Dana Sands, Dr. Massaki Ito and Dr. John R.T. Monson

7. Standards outlook: process auditing. Dr. Gina Brown and Dr. Mariana Berho

8. TaTME, the way to go? Results and registry. Dr. Marta Penna and Dr. Roel Hompes

9. Take a walk on the wild side: new complications and how to prevent them. Norwegian moratorium. Dr. Particia Sylla, Dr. Jurriaan Tuynman, Dr. Manish Chand, Dr. Roel Hompes and Dr. Antonio M. Lacy

10. Setup of required tools & devices. Dr. Antonio M. Lacy

11. New technologies: Is there room for evolution in TaTME? Telesurgery and proctoring. Dr. Ana Otero, Dr. Alessio Pigazzi, Dr. Hongwei Yao, Mr. Rod Menchaca, Dr. Silvia Valverde and Dr. Antonio M. Lacy

12. Fluorescence imaging: intraoperative vascular assessment and future research. Dr. Borja de Lacy

13. Chasing level I evidence: How can we demonstrate TaTME validity? Dr. Pieter Tanis and Dr. Borja de Lacy

14. COLOR III. Dr. Stefan Van Oostendorp and Dr. Jaap Bonjer

15. Closing remarks. Dr. Antonio M. Lacy