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Legal Terms 

Digital Platfroms ownership

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Legal Terms

AIS makes use of all technologies available (website with HD and 3D videos, live streaming, etc.) to share the latest advances in surgical techniques.


Access to or use of www.aischannel.com confers the status of AIS Channel USER. While browsing or using the tools and services offered by AIS Channel, the User agrees to comply with the Legal Terms of service, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy. The User agrees make appropriate use of the content and services offered by AIS Channel on its website. Inappropriate use of content includes, but is not limited to: (i) for activities that are illicit in nature or that are contrary to good conduct and public order; (ii) to cause damage to the physical or logical systems of AIS Channel or its Users; (iii) to attempt to access or use email addresses of other Users and modify or manipulate their messages or registration information. In cases where the User must complete a registration process in order to access a service, the User is responsible for providing accurate and truthful information. Registration may result in the provision of a password, of which the User agrees to make appropriate and confidential use.  


AIS Channel itself, or as an assignee, is the owner or licensee of all intellectual and industrial property rights on its web pages and apps, including (such as brand, images, sound, audio, video, texts, logos, color combinations, structure and design, computer programs or software necessary for use or access, etc.). Pursuant to national, European and international intellectual property regulation, it is expressly prohibited to reproduce, distribute or communicate publicly, all or any of the content of this website, in particular content created by AIS Channel, to commercial ends, on any device or by any technical means, without the authorisation of AIS Channel. The User agrees to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights held by AIS Channel o third-parties. The User must refrain from deleting, altering, avoiding or manipulating any protective device or security system put in place on the AIS Channel platforms.


By providing content on AIS Channel’s platforms, the user declares that he or she is the legitimate owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights or is authorized to distribute the content and communicate it to the public, and authorizes and therefore expressly assigns to AIS Channel the content provided so that it may be copied, distributed, and publically communicated through any electronic means, primarily Internet, throughout the world, and for an indefinite period of time. Users who decide to share and provide content and/or information through AIS Channel, such as apps, opinions and any other content, expressly consent for this content to be published in AIS Channel. AIS Channel does not allow the distribution, management, or communication of content that degrades the quality of the service. AIS Channel forbids the inclusion of the following content, among others: That presumed to be illegal under national, European community, or international law or that performs activities that are presumed to be illegal or that contravene the principles of good faith or that does not meet the parameters for quality established by AIS Channel. Likewise, AIS Channel reserves the power to remove from its platforms that content which it considered inappropriate to the characteristics and purpose of AIS Channel. AIS Channel cannot control each and every piece of content published, such that it cannot assume responsibility for the content. In any regard, content uploaded and published is reviewed periodically to ensure AIS Channel’s principles of quality, as well as the rules herein indicated. Any user who uploads content that contravenes the laws in force shall assume sole responsibility for the damages and consequences that arise therefrom, releasing AIS Channel from any liability.


AIS Channel, grants its users a free non-exclusive and non-transferable license (hereinafter, the License) to use the web named AIS Channel.

  • 1. Purpose and technical requirements Running AIS Channel accepted the Legal terms and Conditions AIS Channel and runs on its own responsibility. AIS Channel reserves the right to update and modify the software license and any reference documents attached if necessary.
  • 2. Copyright AIS Channel is the sole owner of the AIS Channel trade name, copyright and distribution rights. This agreement is a licence to use AIS Channel and does not imply a transfer of ownership of the rights thereto. You may not change, reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile AIS Channel, including the use of any current and future technology. A breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Licence shall be construed as a breach of this Agreement.
  • 3. Warranties and liabilities You shall use AIS Channel according to the terms and conditions herein. AIS Channel shall not be liable for any damages arising from your use of AIS Channel in a manner contrary to this Software Licence. Except for the statutory liabilities set forth in consumer legislation, you exonerate AIS Channel from any liability arising from an improper execution of AIS Channel or the malfunction of AIS Channel arising from the manner in which you ran the software. The said exoneration from liability shall extend to AIS Channel’s employees and management. AIS Channel states that this license to use AIS Channel does not infringe any previous agreement or current legislation. AIS Channel does not guarantee the availability, continuity and failure-proof functioning of AIS Channel. Therefore, insofar as the law allows, this warranty does not include any damages arising from the lack of availability or discontinued functioning of AIS Channel and any services enabled with it. AIS Channel does not assume liability in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance or force majeure. Likewise, AIS Channel shall not be liable for any causes beyond reasonable control, such as viruses and interference by third parties. You shall not hold AIS Channel liable for the intellectual property rights, distribution rights, integrity, quality and execution of the computer software uses to access to AIS Channel.
  • 4. Term The term of this Agreement commences surfing through the Web and/or accessing the content. AIS Channel shall have the right to restrict suspend or terminate this Agreement at its own discretion, either in full or in part, at any moment and for any reason, with no prior warning or liability. This Agreement and, therefore, the License, shall terminate the moment you incur in a breach of the terms and conditions herein. You must delete any copies of AIS Channel in your possession at the time when this Agreement ends. Unless express permission is given, AIS Channel does not grant any type of license or permission of use in relation to its intellectual and industrial property rights or any other property or right associated with its app and website.

Copyright AIS Channel © 2014 – All rights reserved


AIS Channel is in no way responsible for any damages caused, by way of example and without limitation: by errors or missing information in the content published by third parties; by temporary unavailability of the website; by any situation considered fortuitous or by unforeseen circumstances, despite having adopted all the technological measures necessary to avoid it.


AIS Channel reserves the right to make any modifications it deems necessary, at any time and without prior warning, to any of the websites of which it is owner. Modifications include changing, deleting or adding to the content published or the services offered.


AIS Channel will pursue any breach of the current Terms and any inappropriate use of its website and app, exercising all the civil and criminal procedures that it is entitled to by law.


This website, with the exception of links to third party sites, is controlled by AIS Channel. Through the access, publication and/or use of the website, you are accepting that all disputes, complaints or other related issues will be governed by Spanish law and any controversy will be subject to the appropriate Courts of Law of Barcelona, unless otherwise stipulated by consumer or User protection regulations


Taxes are not included in the pricing.

Digital Platforms ownership

AIS Channel SL, CIF B66545260 Calle C/ Villarroel 170, 08036 Barcelona. Spain.


By completing your registration, the User confirms that they have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions. The User confers consent to the current Terms of Service and Cookies Policy Browsing and registering in the website.

Cookies Policy

What are cookies? A cookie is a file which is downloaded on your computer when you access certain web pages. Among other things, cookies allow a web page to store and retrieve information about user or device-specific browsing habits. Depending on the information which they contain, and the way the equipment is used, they can also be used to recognize the user. Which types of cookies do we use? This web site use cookies and other similar mechanisms (from here on, cookies). Cookies are files which are sent to a browser via a web server to register a User of AIS Channel’ activities on either a specific web page or all pages, apps and/or services (from here on, the Services). The main aim of cookies is to give the User faster access to the selected Services. Furthermore, services and adverts can be personalized using cookies, meaning each User can be offered potentially interesting information, selected based on the way they use the Services. This website uses cookies to improve and personalize its Users’ browsing experience. Cookies are assigned to an anonymous User and their computer, and do not contain any reference which pertains to the User’s personal details. The User can configure their browser to notify of and reject cookie installation instigated by AIS Channel, without stopping the User from accessing site content. We should, however, note that the usability of the web page might decrease in this case. Registered Users who log in or start a session can benefit from more personalized services designed for their profile, thanks to the combination of data stored in cookies with personal information used while registering. With this goal in mind, these Users authorize the use of this information, without altering their right to reject or disable use of cookies. Additionally, AIS Channel can keep informed of the Services solicited by Users, meaning they can put at their disposal suitable information for the tastes and preferences of each User. Classification, aims and implementation of cookies on AIS Channel: Own cookies: COOKIE

  • Cookie de sesión:‘wfvt’ Contains information about the geographical location overall (used to remember time zone, for example). It is known as session cookies and are deleted when the user leaves the website.
  • Cookies empezados por ‘wordpress_’ Cookies used for the login is automatic after user registration. Expire when the session ends.
  • _icl_current_language Used by WPML WordPress plugin to save the current language of the site.

Third parties cookies:

Company Domain Name of the Cookie Objective
Google Analytics _ga Used for Google Analytics We use cookies for Google Analytics embedded in our website to collect information about how visitors navigate our website. We use the information to compile reports and to help improve the site. The cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of visitors, where they come from and the pages they have visited on our website.
Google http://adwords.google.com/ Adwords Anonymous (ads viewed, browser information, date / time, demographics, type of hardware / software interaction data, Page, Server Domains. IP, search history, PII address (phone number)
Google Inc. Any Google domain NID, SID, PREF Cookies created and used by Google as detailed on its Web Privacy Policy (https://www.google.com/intl/es/policies/technologies/types/)

Cookies can be divided into session-only and permanent, according to how long they last. The former expire when the User closes their browser. The latter expire when they’ve completed their designated purpose (for example, keeping the User identified in the website’s Services) or can be manually deleted. REGISTRATION COOKIES: Registration cookies are generated once the User has registered or previously opened their session, and are used to identify them in the Services section with the following objectives in mind: Keeping track of the user. If a Service is closed and then reopened using the same browser or computer, the user will remain identified, making for easier site navigation. This mode can be switched off by clicking “close session”, which eliminates the cookie and means the User must open the session again to be identified the next time they use the Service in question. Additionally, some Services might be connected to social networks like Facebook or Google. When the User registers in a Service with social networking features, the network is authorized to save a persistent cookie which remembers their identity and guarantees access to the Services until it expires. The User can delete this cookie and revoke access to the Services by updating their preference in the social network in question. ANALYTIC COOKIES: Each time a User visits a Service, a tool created by an external provider (specifically, Google Analytics) generates an analytical cookie in the User’s computer. This cookie, which is only created by visits, is used to anonymously track the User’s subsequent visits to this web page. The main reasons for this include: Allowing anonymous tracking of browsing Users via the cookie (Only browsers and devices are identified, not people). This means approximate numbers of visits and visit times can be recorded. Identifying (again, anonymously) the most often-visited, and therefore most relevant content for Users Knowing if the User who is browsing is new or a repeat visit. Important: Unless the User decides to register for one of AIS Channel Services, the cookie will never be associated with any personal information which could identify them. These cookies will only be used with purposefully-created statistics which help optimize the User’s experience on the site. PUBLICITY COOKIES: This type of “cookies” allows the information in adverts shown to each anonymous User in the website’s Services to be amplified. Among others, they store the duration or frequency in which different advertising positions are visualised to be recorded, as well as interactions with these, or browsing patterns and/or User behavior which allows a profile of advertising interest to be defined. In this way, they allow adverts of interest to the User to be shown. THIRD-PARTIES PUBLICITY COOKIES: In addition to manage by AIS Channel advertising their services, this web site may include the option to serve advertisements through third parties (“Ad Servers”). Thus, these third parties may store cookies sent from AIS Channel services from users’ browsers as well as access to the data stored in them. The companies that generate these cookies have their own privacy policies. How do I disable cookies in the most common browsers? Normally, it’s possible to set browsers to reject cookies, or to stop accepting the cookies of one Service in particular. All modern browsers allow you to update cookie preferences. These setting are normally found in “Options” or “Settings” in your browser menu. Here, you can also configure your browser or email provider, as well as install free tools to help you avoid downloading Web Bugs when you open an email. We offer guidance on how to access the cookie preferences menu, and, where necessary, on browsing privacy in each of the main browsers: Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings. For more information, please consult Microsoft’s customer help services, or the Help section of your browser. Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Personalized Setup. For more information, please consult Mozilla’s customer help services, or the Help section of your browser. Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings. For more information, please consult Google’s customer help services, or the Help section of your browser. Safari: Preferences -> Security. For more information, please consult Apple’s customer help services, or the Help section of your browser. What happens if cookies are disabled? Some functions of the Services will be disabled, such as, for example, the ability to remain identified and receives location-specific information. CHANGES AND UPDATES IN COOKIES POLICY: AIS Channel may modify this Cookie Policy in function of legal requirements, regulations or with the aim of adapting this policy to instructions specified by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. Because of this, Users are advised to revisit periodically. When a significant change in this Cookie Policy occurs, it will be communicated via web.